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]Music Reviewed by Bill Messick

This is a high energy sound that rolls at you like a speeding bullet train on a suicide mission from hell!


Swedish Rock Band Stone Ticket

It is not to often a band comes along with a sound that sets them apart from the rest of the music world, enter Stone Ticket. This ultra-cool Swedish Rock Band can weave a sound that only they could claim as there own, with there retro-modern display of vibrant rock and roll!

This is a high energy sound that rolls at you like a speeding bullet train on a suicide mission from hell! Each of there songs off the new CD Punk’s Dead is a blast to your ear holes and a pleasure to your wild side, with strong beats and haunting riffs that just make you want to shake your wild thing.

This band has the essence of rock imprinted in there music with song like “Put Out The Fire With Gasoline” and “The News” they prove that they have what it takes to be a great Swedish Rock Band!

I give this music 5 Stars and would recommend them to anyone that likes there rock and roll bold and in your face!

360 Mag  Aug 2014


Wow. Stone Ticket is magnificent. A hybrid of rock, metal and alternative. Spectacular production, vocals and instrumentation. Lyrical content is brilliant.



Guitar riffs and drumming is another key ingredient for this ensemble. The Swedish band's current album is entitled, "Punk's Dead." There are nine tracks in total; and all were collectively written by the four members. Due to financial circumstances, the band had to record the entire record in just two days. Don't fret. No track goes unnoticed. Each and every song has been carefully built from the ground up. This group effortlessly manages to pull off a beautiful piece of work. Kudos.


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Stone Ticket and the voice of Vince Quinn packs one powerful punch! I loved the drive and energy "Black" has.

 Its juggernaut bass and drums and the hard rocking rhythmic guitar are hard to resist. Putting rhythm and such a hard rockin' sound together does not always work, it does here! I wouldn't change a thing on this track, simply put, its killer! It is Rock influenced by Blues and you can't beat it. If you dig bone crunching rock with tough vocals to match jump aboard this train!


MuzikMan Rating: 5/5 

Stone ticket
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